Concept of Operations (CONOPS)

Our CONOPS specialists examine people, processes, places, and policies to ensure the efficient utilization of resources and successful delivery of an organization’s goals and mission.

Detailed Analysis

We assess our client’s current performance and review their operational goals to help them optimize their efficiencies. Our CONOPS document guides project planning, positive change management, and transition planning to ensure the effective relocation and activation of services in newly built environments.

Optimized Operations

We conduct staff training and day-in-the-life exercises to analyze how employees work in their new environments. We leverage our interdisciplinary team’s experience to perform workflow assessments, identify functional synergies, expose operational gaps, and provide detailed recommendations.

Primed for Success

We empower our healthcare clients to comply with the quality, safety, and infection control standards of higher authorities (OSHA, ADA, Joint Commission, and DHA). Our goal is to help our clients deliver an exceptional customer experience from their first day of operations.